Saturday, March 11, 2006

Jerky Direct

Well I decided to Build My Jerky Business as well...I am working out the details of My Website and Group and I almost have my Press Release Finished to Distribute to I also had put up an Banner at I am now in the process of gathering resources for my Team and I should have those up soon. I think I will put ALL MY FOCUS right now on My Jerky Business. I am already making a little money but I would prefer my Jerky Business to explode since I have received a Check since I have started.

I have alot of ideas and things in the works so just watch out. ;)

Saturday, March 04, 2006

I FINALLY figured it out!

My Plan is to jump back into Internet Marketing. But this whole time I had been trying to figure out my niche and yesterday or this morning it really hit me. Next to Business and Money there is other things I love too. I am going to keep it a Surprise and underwraps until I am ready to unveil my website. But this is something I Love and like to have always so to dedicated an Affiliate Website to it would just seem natural.

Right now to prepare I will be purchasing a Domain, Hosting and I am also seeking out all my Affiliates. I am trying to figure out how to tie my site together and make sure everything works.