Friday, April 14, 2006

Making it Work: Your Home Business

My friend Kira was discussing in her Blog. How can she possibly get her Home Business off the ground.

Well, in my experience with Home Businesses and the things I have read about. I think the first step is to reach for support from your Upline and if there is no support there then seek advice from someone with experience in either your business or their own.

But you have to remember different businesses require different kind of Marketing. In Kira's business requires a lot of 'hands on' to build a team and customer base.

Another key to running a home business, is you have to have passion for it and believe in it as much as you believe yourself.

Also my other friend Andrea recommends a Good Follow-up and I think that is another important key to a Success Business. Because it is not like people do not want to do your business, it is just sometimes they get to busy or do not have the time right now but are still interested in your business.

Right now I guess you can say I am in between businesses but I don't think I have really found my niche and that is another thing you want to do when searching for a home business. I usually try to look for people who are like myself. Ambitious, Determined and Ready to Be Financially Independent. But I think passion is number one in any business and always look until you find something you can really love to do.

I am still looking but having fun in the process.

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Kira Sandoval said...

Great advise JAC! You're right, each biz is totally different!