Sunday, October 23, 2005

Hands in too many Pots....

Ok I must admit, I like to do ALL Kinds of Stuff so it is hard to not want to do more Businesses...but these Businesses can just be Hobbies or can buy Wholesale as well...the ones that currently interest me is:

Direct Sales:

1) Send out Cards
2) Homemade Gourmet
3) Mia Bella Candles
4) Pampered Chef
5) The Body Shop at Home
6) The Traveling Vineyard! (would love to incorporate with Food Businesses but I have to wait until I move to Oregon in order to do it because Utah does not support the alcohol business as much)


1) Liberty League
2) AMS/DPI or Fruta Vida
3) Coastal Vacations
4) AmeriPlan (again!)


2) Jerky Direct
3) Greeting Cakes


Johnjon said...

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sylvia said...
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sylvia said...

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Ginene said...

You sound like me. I sometimes try to do so many things at one time. I have big goals so the only way to accomplish them is by trying.