Saturday, November 10, 2007

Business....Finally (Cross Post MySpace)

Well tonight we printed off some Business cards for the Travel Business and I printed off a few also for my Jerky Business.

Then I decided to place an Ad in the paper, which will be coming out next week.

I admit, and I hate to admit it...but I think I am just scared to death of Succeeding. Sometimes I think is this really all I want for myself? Its REALLY NOT. I read it a lot from other Business owners and articles and such online but you need to take your mind set out of the "Consumer" and put it into the "Merchant" type mind set, or you will be forever waiting on that paycheck every week WISHING you were doing what you WANT be doing. I must have read almost every peice of self-help, marketing, business book on the Subject of being a Business owner. I KNOW what it takes. All these years with multiple businesses and some doing well and others not, I know I can do this full time. Yet, I always hold back.

Whenever I try not to think about it and I watch movies, I still get the same message..."Go after your Dreams" . On Thursday night I watched "Baby Boom" , I love that movie. An 80's movie. Anyway its about a Corporate Yuppie (woman) who inherits her deceased cousin's daughter and it turns her whole world upside and then the Corporate world shuns her because she is no longer the hard baller that she used to be...and in the Corporate world, may I remind you, your ONLY importance is to make sure that the Company makes money....not your Family, not your time, etc...anyway so she decides to quit after her understudy gets her position and moves to the country with the baby (named Elizabeth BTW ) and soon runs low on the money and decides to make gourmet baby food with the millions of fruit that she has on her acres...well at first, everyone tells her no...being any kind of Business or Sales person, we all love hearing the NO word ...well, finally people start seeing how great this baby food is, everyone buys it and she soon needs employees and opens up a factory and she hits the newspapers etc...yada yada....ANYWAY the same company who shunned her wants to BUY her out LOL! ...Of course they don't....but the point is...she followed her dreams and made it happen, when everyone else told her NO...again love the word : P

Then we watch Last Holiday, that was a cute movie too....A chick finds out she is dying and decides what the hell and quits her crappy job and pursues everything in her life she has always wanted to pursue. Of course in the end they say she isn't going to die after all...but that is beside the point.

Yes, they are only movies but #1, they provide good messages regarding life and #2, there are real life scenarios like it.

Tips: 1) Never listen to the naysayers in your life 2) Follow your Dreams

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