Saturday, November 03, 2007

Popular Things right now

Decided to Blog about some things going on in the News and Media right now. I do have some Topics I do want to share either as a Blog Post or Article but after having to work a hectic Schedule last week at work I thought I would just discuss a little lightly right now.

1) HOLIDAYS - Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. A lot of Business Gurus are taking the time to get ready for the Holiday Season to Market their Business, Products or Services to those who need extra cash for the Holiday Season.

2) POLITICS - A lot of Politicians are getting ready for the next Elections and most news is about Debates, whether Online or Offline. The next Election for President is in 2008. MySpace is bringing more visitors using this kind of Marketing.

3) BLOGGING - Blogging is getting very BIG and very Popular, especially since the Explosion of Web 2.0 or also known as Social Media. One of the best new ways to get Traffic, Visitors and Sales. Also, which has shunned millions of Blogs, for no real reason, normally for keeping Spam Blogs.

4) CELEBRITY GOSSIP - Britney Spears is a #1 Story right now. I make sure I check everyday for latest celebrity news.

5) GOOGLE - Making most Internet Marketers fear their Google Ranking with the recent change of how Google will be doing their Page Rank.

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