Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fail your way to Success

On Sunday after going to lunch with my partner and her parents, we went over to watch a special at her parents from 20/20 about WINNING - Young Millionaires, Failures before they Succeeding & Getting Rich in America that was TIVO'd . One of the parts was about a couple of people who failed, failed and failed before they finally Succeeded in their Business.

One particular person, Jake Burton story really hit home with me. He was in a snowboard business and he kept trying to sell his snowboards and nobody wanted them. He thought all he needed to do was sell them. So after practically getting himself into debt and going into depression he thought long and hard about what he needed to do and made a life changing decision. He started THINKING about Snowboarding instead of trying to sell them. That made a lot of sense to me and it made me wonder how I was pursuing my own Travel Business. I feel like I have thought more of the Travel aspect of my Business and I am taking the right route to make myself succeed...well, my partner and I together.

The second failure, she was fun, her name is Sara Blakely, who invented SPANX.
She had failed at a lot things. When she was young, she wanted to be like her father, a trial attorney and she failed the LSAT. Then, she decided to sell Fax machines to Businesses and completely failed at it. But she was taught when she was growing up that if she wasn't failing, then she wasn't trying. Another thing, about her interview that I enjoyed and had never considered while I fail at my own ventures is, that Failure is a way of letting life let you know you're off course. That also hit me hard.

I always thought I was doing something wrong or not doing enough of something. Every Business I have done I have learned something from, so maybe I am just setting myself up for Success. And Succeeding does just take time, patience and persistence and then it will happen. :)

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