Sunday, November 11, 2007

Successful Blog?

Well to further my studies on how to have a Successful Blog and how and what techniques I would like to implement in doing so...I came across an interesting and paid courses to take to become a Successful Blogger.

The first one is called - It is a Self-Study Course that will show you how to make money with your Blog. The Course is $325.00. Not that bad for all the information it looks like you will be getting. Of course, like it says it is an Investment and you will need to work. I found this on I must admit, I am interested in the course but...I will get into detail on that in a minute.

The next item, I discovered on, is actually his own Mastermind Group for Blogging. Its a service, $77 a month and this Pro will show you what it takes to make money Blogging. I am also interested in this also, but like I said I will get into it in a minute as is to why I will not be signing up at this time. The website, BTW is

Ok Ready?

The reason why I won't be joining and as great as they both look and how much I want to just go for it, there is plenty of FREE information right now on the internet on how to be a Successful Blogger and I want to soak up all that information and implement it before I take it a step further. My goal yes, is to get travel bookings from my Travel Blog but at the same time, I know that will take time and so in the mean time I need to find other ways to make money booking Travel and also building my Team.

Although, if anyone is interested, check them out...I would do them!

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Ginene said...

I agree. They both sound like great courses but my motto is to get as much as I can without paying. If I have to research for hours then I will.