Sunday, November 04, 2007

Domain Hell

Well I had a business domain, that I forgot had expired. So then, I decide to transfer it to my favorite domain site. Yahoo! But because I forgot the domain had already expired I had contacted Yahoo! and they said that owns the domain till 2008, so I cancel the domain order for Yahoo! and wait till I have time to renew the domain again through

Well today, I go to renew the domain and someone had already purchased it. Which you have no idea how this screws me up because it was my host domain and my host domain has been down since the domain expired. So now I no longer have that domain and I am fine with it as I do own 8 other domains that I currently use. My old Host, is expiring in March 2008 so I am just going to go ahead and NOT renew. I already have a new Host that lets me have unlimited of addons, subdomains, etc...and I will be setting up my Projects with my domains so I can have those sites up. One of my Projects is a training site for my Team, it will be a generic training site because I am in more than one business, a website for those interested in working from home (non-business related per se), my own personal site, plus I maybe moving my Blog to WordPress.

I have MANY sites. I LOVE my sites. I would like to build more, eventually I would like one more Professional made, because well I am a simple HTML girl and I like using templates with simple HTML when I build my sites. But at the moment, I am happy with what I build and if I would like to build my Web Design skill I can always do that as well.

TIP: Make sure to renew your domain as soon as it expires. Also if you have domains that you are not using at the moment but do not want to let them go, park them and you can get paid. is a good place to do this.

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