Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Successful Blogger: Basic Tips

Everyone wants to become a Successful Blogger. But before you can be a Successful Blogger there are some BASIC tips you need to follow to get started before you can become an A-Lister:

1) Have a WordPress Blog. WordPress picks up on Google more than any other Blog.

2) Host your WordPress Blog on your own Server. HostGator has unlimited Hosting for only $10 a month. PLUS if you use the coupon code 'wordpress' you will get your first month for a penny! :)

3) CONTENT IS KING! That is no lie. Be sure to provide a lot of unique content for your readers so that they keep coming back for more.

4. Once you get a WordPress Blog and host it on your own Server be sure to add Simple Tags for your Blog keywords so that Google can pick up on your Blog even more!

5. Add an RSS Feed from Feedburner.

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Ginene said...

I agree. Content is the key!