Saturday, October 13, 2007

1,000 $1 Bills easier than $1,000 Profit each time?

A lot of people have this notion that people are cheap. Yes, in general they are if those are the kind of people you want to attract. I know of a couple of Businesses that pay you $1 or $2 Per PERSON who enrolls in your Business Residual Income a Month! My Business personally pays me $50 per person who enrolls and about 4% Residual per month, which averages out the same. Plus we can get up to $50,000 in Bonuses when our Team gets Bigger and BIGGER.

Most of the Businesses costing $1,000 or more are Direct Sales and do not have Residuals coming in. Although some of them consist of One up or Two up sales, which means passing up one or two sales to your Up line in order to 'Qualify' for your Commissions and of course your Team Members would do the same when they join your Business. I know of some people who do really well with this kind of System.

I think it takes the same amount of work for you to earn $1,000 or 1,000 $1 Bills. I think you maybe able to automate the $1 Sales more easily though. Although I am very Surprised out how hard I have seen for someone to do a Free or Cheap Business

Basically my point is...its all in the power of your mind, what you can or cannot make. The only skill you need to make $1 or $1,000 is Marketing.

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