Saturday, October 13, 2007

Web 2.0 vs Automated Business Systems

I was reading an interesting discussion regarding the *New Web 2.0 and how it affects your Business and can make it grow. Web 2.0 is described as basically how Social Media affects the web today. People are using Social Networks and Social Bookmarking to build their Online Businesses.

Wiki defines it as In alluding to the version-numbers that commonly designate software upgrades, the phrase "Web 2.0" hints at an improved form of the World Wide Web. Technologies such as weblogs, social bookmarking, wikis, podcasts, RSS feeds (and other forms of many-to-many publishing), social software, web application programming interfaces (APIs), and online web services such as eBay and Gmail provide a significant enhancement over read-only websites.

But there is also a growing number of Automated Business Systems for high ticket businesses such as 1st Step System or Reverse Funnel System used to attract people interested in making a big profit without having to call prospects and talk to them about your Business or Brand yourself on the Web by using Web 2.0. A lot of people call this "REMOVE the "human factor" from marketing." I disagree.

Personally I like both Systems, you can implement both of the techniques for your Online Business.

I like the Automation Business because all you need to focus on is Marketing aspect of your Business, which is great for your Direct Sales portion of your Business or smaller MLM type of Business. Like Jerky or Travel Bookings.

You want to eliminate the tire kickers and those that are not serious about joining a Business. Which gives me a new idea for my Lead Capture page that I plan on Building.

I think also you can use the Web 2.0 and then put the prospect through your Automated System and find yourself a TRUE Person interested in Joining and READY to Go! Whether it be for high ticket item or a regular MLM Business.

Anyway that is my opinion on these two new craze.

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