Thursday, October 25, 2007

MyBlogLog & Social Media

I had just signed up for it tonight and I am so HAPPY I did! :) I had been meaning to get more involved in Social Media & Social Networking Online. Well, MyBlogLog has all the Social Media networks all available in one place. I had added this Blog specifically and also linked all my other Social Networking sites with MyBlogLog and will be adding more Social Media sites as I go.

Whats also amazing about this site, is how quickly people find you and read your Blog. I will be going through the site more thoroughly in the next couple of days and see how I can get the most of it.

MyBlogLog is also powered by Yahoo!. Remember to also utilize the FREE Ebook about Social Media by Michelle M. when you begin to take advantage of Social Media.

1 comment:

Ginene said...

It's about time you signed up. LOL. I just joined your community. FlavaOfBlog