Thursday, October 04, 2007

Risky Business

How many of you are Risk Takers? (Business wise)

I, consider myself a risk taker. I have taken a lot of Business risks. I love working hard core business, like high risk investments. Any Business people don't want to touch I want to be involved. Why? Because I am not going to miss out on something BIG and screaming SCAM never chases me away. A lot of people say 12DailyPro was a Scam. I saw it as something different. A lot of people say MLM is a Scam. ITS NOT. I am not going to declare whether or not 12DailyPro was a scam. Because I still have not properly formed my opinion on it and I WAS involved in it.

But aside from 12DailyPro, MLMs, HYIPs etc...I would love to get involved in the Stock Market. That Business really intrigues me and I have considered many times to become a Stock Broker.

I also want to get involved in high end direct sales like Liberty League or the 1st Step System. But I figure I can save that for when I get REALLY Good. And its all still a learning process for me after all these years.......

I would love to be a Heavy Hitter. I think I have the balls for it (excuse my french LOL). I would train my people to market and make money. I love helping people too. I am just still learning it all too.

I just know I want to have my Freedom, Time and Money and Recognition is really Important to Me. I want to feel Important, I want people to look up to me like to those I look up to. Its a big thing for me, I think its a big thing for a lot of people. We all need to feel Good and Important.

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