Thursday, October 04, 2007

My Story in Pursuit of Financial Independence

When I was around 17 years old, I had been going to school and working and then I turned 18 and joined my first Multi-Level Marketing/Network Marketing Business. I went and saw a Hotel presentation and was just in awe, so I bought into the Business but then had came into some personal problems of my own and didn't do anything with it. I also later that year had joined AVON and Don Lapre's Infomercial Money Making kit and owned my own 900 number to publish and get Paid. I did not get paid from AVON but I did earn my first check from placing an Ad in the paper for my 900! That was awesome at the age of 18. :)

I, then got married and try to focus on my Work at Home/Financial Independent pursuits. My now (ex) husband was not in support of what I was doing but I did it anyway. I had tried product assembly and I had purchased Foreclosure lists and Car Repossession lists...then I moved!

I had moved to Mexico and we had so much money leftover from the move that we had opened up a Tienda (Store like 7-11 or Maverick). It was good, because we made money but honestly I HATED IT! Because I had to tend to the store all day. So, I enjoyed the food! LOL.

Then I came back and was still itching to make it on my own and not work and so I joined a SLEW of Businesses....literally! I don't know what came over me. But mainly I had joined Arbonne in the beginning and realized I could not do anything with that kind of business and then I made of friend at my new job where I temped after I came out of Job Corps, and she did AmeriPlan and her Upline was very Successful! But then I did not do anything with it for many months because busy with life and getting a permanent job and all and so I finally quit the Business. I was sad but I had put it behind me. I also joined Jerky Direct, Cogigen, and many others that were free and cheap to join. I was very dissatisfied but I did make money in GPT those 2-3 years I was joining all those opportunities. I was doing PTRs, Get Free Stuff and the big bad 12DailyPro plus HYIPs so I did make some money those years. I also sold AVON again for about a year and a half. I did good at it and my Jerky Business also starting off anyway. I also joined PAS which crashed right along with 12DailyPro and I was doing my best at learning Marketing and barely starting to show results before that happened.

So then finally after months debating I decided to go with YTB, because it was an honest and ethical company and I will be Posting about my Pursuit and Results and random things. Sorry for making this Post so long. I tried to fit as little in as possible LOL.

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