Monday, October 15, 2007

Worked on my Business

It took a couple of hours...I basically did Traffic Swarm and signed up for a 5 I am going to try to write some Good Ads. I did not do any Writing though because well, its a lot work and I am exhausted. I have to do more writing though, I really would like to get some Travel Bookings on my Travel Site. I am trying to get the best Marketing techniques for each of the Businesses. I am Focusing on Leads for Travel Business, Travel Bookings and Sign-ups for Jerky. I am doing a lot of the Free stuff right now because I want to slowly work into this, I will be placing ad in the paper soon also. I would like to define my Marketing Goals better. For things that I need to be doing Daily.

I have also had some issues with my Jerky Domain, which is hosted on another site and that site is down at the moment because of it (Private site but part of it will be used for my Team site). So what I have to do is at least purchase a Direct Domain for the Jerky site so that people will know where to go to sign up and purchase Jerky.

I want to make all three of these things work to its FULL POTENTIAL so I can QUIT MY JOB and WORK FROM HOME and be FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT. I will do what it takes.

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