Friday, October 26, 2007

Tips for Choosing a Dot Com

*Make sure your domain name is unique. You can only have so many 'Work From Home' title domains. In being unique, make sure that the domain name makes sense and represents what kind of business you are in.

*Make sure you actually use dot COM. People are more likely to remember a .COM Domain than .INFO, .NET etc...Especially keep in mind, when they see your domain one time from an Advertisement and try to remember it later, they will more likely to type in .com in the search bar than any other extension.

*Make sure it is memorable. I have a domain titled, it captures people's attention and wonders what you are promoting.

*Use your own Name in the title. I have PLENTY of .Coms with my name in the title, it just makes it easier in making up a name and making it my own. Some Examples:,,, It really flows, but of course it also depends on your own name.

*Be sure to not use numbers in place of real words, it can confuse the people when they later try remember your domain and they may give up searching for it.

*Take advantage of the Online Thesaurus when coming up with a name.

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