Thursday, October 18, 2007

Writing an eBook to Promote your Business

Today I came across a Post on someone who had Promoted their Business by Giving away a Free eBook. I was Intrigued. I see a lot more Network Marketers doing it in order build their Team for their Business.

See the concept of the eBook is to give good information to future or possible Prospects. They are satisfied with your information, so they want to learn more about YOU and when they do they discover your Business and think, hey I like this person, I like the information they have provided me and hey I am interested in their Business and sometimes join. If they decide not join you are still building your list. :)

I plan to write an eBook, not clear what to write about but I will work towards it.

Speaking of eBooks I came across a good one today by Jack Bastide, another Network Marketer who uses his eBook to Promote himself and his Business and provide Good information in the process...

Click HERE for the FREE eBook!

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