Thursday, October 04, 2007

Ok so here is what I am doing....

Well I had joined a specific Marketing Group to learn about Internet Marketing/Affiliate Marketing. Which is in a way related to my Network Marketing Business YTB so I can generate Leads and Sales for my Travel Booking site . I am so far off to a good start. I cannot wait to post when I start generating sales. I LOVE the Sales Business! :)

Also, my partner is working with me and its nice to have someone you love work with you on something you love. Its a nice change.

Part of it requires me to write articles and I just have not been inspired to write articles which is my dilemma. I have wrote a couple in my day but I am still working on getting inspired to write more as it is good marketing technique and a lot of people use it.

I find it funny that I can blog here but not where I should be working LOL, I guess I need some other kind of outlet for release and accountability for myself. Back then and maybe still now a lot of people don't take me seriously Business wise, it bothered me at first but it really doesn't matter.

I also have my Jerky Business which I would like to get off the ground. I think because of the smaller fee to join would be easier for those who are afraid of a big risk. Plus I just love the Business..

I will also be placing an Ad in the paper soon, I am still trying to come up with a formal Marketing Plan, which has been proving most difficult. I don't know why its hard to come up with a list to market with consistently.

My GOAL is for Financial Independence by August 2008. I need this, I want this and I want it NOW!

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