Friday, October 05, 2007

My One Year Goal for Financial Independence

I have one MAJOR Goal in mind this year and that is to FINALLY achieve my financial independence. I have a lot of work to do, like I had mentioned in a previous post. I am using all my skills I had learned from previous businesses/books/sponsors plus new information I find on the internet to come up with the perfect marketing plan. And let me tell you those opportunities that are free to check out before you join offer GREAT information about Marketing. These Businesses are great for something. I will list the ones that I think have the best Marketing information below:




The Purple Cowboys

So I have been following the marketing information and re-reading it and also learning a lot in the marketing group I am in.

Like I said also in a previous post I have a dilemma coming up with a tight marketing plan. I have a couple of things I am doing but its not enough. I just want to be good, really REALLY GOOD.

On the Business that I am ACTUALLY working on YTB and my Travel Booking site and partially my Jerky Business.

I do tend to overthink things sometimes though, but I am trying to apply less thinking and more action. I mean I am taking action but I just need MORE.

Anyway my Goal I am shooting for is August 2008 and I will do it THIS YEAR.

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