Monday, October 08, 2007

Black Monday

Yes, EveryMonday Black Monday.

Why? Well that is the day I start my week going to work at the daily hell hole and hell hole is the name I had chosen for it. I also wear Black every Monday. I know it maybe a little extreme but its how I feel about working for someone else.

I hate commuting. I hate having to take orders from someone. I hate being treated like I am 5 years old. I hate a lot of things about working for someone else.

A lot of people would say I work for the best Company in the world and that is the least bit exaggerating. But I absolutely hate it and the fanatics make me sick. And I don't want to wrap my mind up into the company just so that 20 years down the line I will hate myself for not following my Dreams. Believe me I did thoroughly think about it if I could do that and I just couldn't. And that goes for any Company!

No one tells me how much I am worth or tells me how much time I have off. Its the worst! So if you are able to follow your dreams and work from home KUDOS to you!

I am actually contemplating if I should take a Promotion or not if I am qualified. I REALLY do not want to step into that direction, but at the same time we must move onward and upward no matter what area of our life right? I just don't want to have to focus on that, then I think my mind will get twisted up into the corporate world and that scares me more than anything. Oh and I have this theory that I think I am correct about. Ok remember how I mentioned I work for one of the best big companies? Well we have GREAT Benefits and my Theory is that the company wraps you up with their Benefits like Good Health Insurance, Paid Time Off AND Vacation and of course 401K and Stock Options, plus the Annual Promotions and Raises. People see this and then they grow to depend on the Company because of the Benefits, they get stuck and trapped and think that is all that they need and want. ITS NOT! GET OUT and PURSUE THOSE DAMN DREAMS!

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