Monday, October 15, 2007

Different Types of Marketing

I LOVE MARKETING! I have always enjoyed Marketing and that is why I think it is Important that I learn everything about Marketing that there is. I actually plan on going to school and get my Bachelors in Marketing and Sales. But there are many types of Marketing and the ones I am greatly aware of are:

MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING/NETWORK MARKETING is described as recruiting people in your down line and make commissions off their sales and down line. Some levels go as many as 7 Levels down in Commissions. Most Network Companies offer Auto Ship for their Products or Services in order to give an 'Residual Commission' for their Members.

INTERNET MARKETING is using the Internet to Market Products or Services. Some examples include Search Engine Marketing, Pay Per Click, Email Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.

AFFILIATE MARKETING is a way to promote Internet Businesses through using another Affiliate and pay them commission based on every new sale or customer the Affiliate may bring them.

My Goal is to MASTER all of these Methods of Marketing. Marketing is a very Powerful way to do Business. Once you master Marketing, you will never have to worry about Sales again.

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